About me

I'm Jacob. The best way to learn about me is to get in touch. But here are some words and phrases that illustrate pieces of who I am and how I work.

happy users


I continually ask myself, "Is what I'm doing adding value?". It's easy to get bogged down optimizing code into oblivion, but ultimately, we're building the software for a reason: to provide value to the users. Great code that ships is better than perfect code that doesn't. And code that ships should have concrete benefits for the users.



I lead when my skill set aligns with the task at hand, and I seek out (and learn from) others when I recognize that I’m deficient in a particular area. Pretending to understand something, or exaggerating the extent to which one understands something, is damaging and expensive.

open source


The world is bigger than the company I work for. I strive to regularly contribute to the software development community as a whole, not just to the people who write my checks. I make open source contributions, mentor current and prospective software professionals, write blog posts, and attend meetups to share what I know and learn from others.



I regularly evaluate what I know, what I don't know, what I'm doing that's working, and what I'm doing that's not. This critical analysis of myself and my systems prevents me from getting stuck in one pattern of thinking and acting in a way that may no longer be ideal. I often look to others (peers, authors, friends) to expose myself to new ideas.